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Dear Global Transducers Community,

Welcome to your Transducers 2025, your biennial international conference. The mission of our international conference is to enhance the collective knowledge of the global transducers technical community and to stimulate its growth by providing an inclusive forum for communication, education, and collaboration.

Every odd-numbered year, over 1200 engineers, scientists, and other professionals from universities, research institutions, industry, and government agencies gather at our international Transducers conference for four days of talks, posters, tutorials, and collaboration events relating to the latest advances and opportunities in our field.

For Transducers 2025, our conference will rally around the theme "Transducers for a Small World". This theme simultaneously champions the range of "small" technologies underlying the work presented at the conference, as well as the global impact they have on our communities.

On behalf of the entire organizing team and the co-sponsoring institutions, we welcome you to attend this unique event that will showcase major technological, scientific, and commercial breakthroughs in electrical, mechanical, optical, magnetic, thermal, and biological sensors, actuators, and systems that use micro and nanotechnology.

The major areas of activity in the development of novel Sensors, Actuators, and Transducers solicited and expected at this conference include, but are not limited to:
  • Microscale and Nanoscale Materials, Fabrication Processes, and Packaging Technologies
  • Nanoscale Materials, Devices, and Systems
  • Transducers with Soft, Flexible, or Composite Materials
  • Mechanical / Physical Transducers and Microsystems
  • RF MEMS, Resonators, and Oscillators
  • Biological Transducers and Microsystems
  • Microfluidic Platform Technologies
  • Medical Microscale Transducers and Microsystems
  • Chemical and Environmental Transducers and Microsystems
  • Energy, Power, and Thermal Transducers and Microsystems
  • Acoustic Transducers and Microsystems
  • Optical and Atomic Transducers and Microsystems
  • Actuators and Microsystems
The conference will begin on Sunday, 29 June 2025 with short courses providing a scholarly introduction and overview of some selected topics of interest, which will help academics and professionals get up to date with the latest trends in the field. The topics of the short courses will be announced, shortly. Conference registration will also open Sunday June 29, with a Welcome Reception for attendees to meet and greet each other that evening. The conference technical program will begin the morning of Monday July 1st with plenary sessions and then breakout into parallel sessions, industry talks, and poster session throughout the duration of the conference. The Exhibition portion, which will take place Monday through Thursday July 3rd, is designed to give companies, start-ups, and scientific associations to share information about or demonstrate their latest advances, products, and/or services. The program has been designed to provide plenty of occasions for technical exchange and professional networking.

We anticipate activities to support family participation in Orlando and surrounding areas, which includes several world-class theme-park resorts near the hotel. Friends and families could consider extending their stay into the 4th of July weekend to enjoy all that Orlando offers.

We look forward to seeing you all in Orlando, Florida in 2025!